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About us


About us

Welcome to Lillie! We are a cozy neighborhood wine bar and restaurant located in the most charming part of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.

In our casually chic, warm setting you can enjoy many great styles of wines produced around the world. Are you intrigued by wines from forgotten countries, such as Moldova or Lebanon? Or are you more into famous regions, such as Burgundy or Tuscany? Our wine cellar has something for everyone to enjoy.

At Lillie, you are at the right place for a delicious dinner, but you can also spontaneously drop by for a little bite and cocktail at the bar.

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Let’s talk food

Our chefs are inspired by the world cuisine and prepare refined dishes using only fresh ingredients every day. Our dishes are ideal to share with your company. But if you would rather enjoy the dishes yourself, you can also just go for a starter, main, and dessert.


With more than 50 wines on our menu, there is always a bottle or glass to suit your taste and preference. Also fun to try our "wine flights." A short journey of discovery to reveal your wine taste. Are you interested? Book a flight on our website.

Lillie: "Wine is the answer. I just forgot the question."